The following questions will help you assess your progress toward maximizing your human capital. If you have answered “No” to any of the following questions, contact The Human Element for a complimentary initial consultation to determine the solution(s) that may be most beneficial to you and your organization.

  1. Does your organization have a clearly articulated set of values that are consistently exhibited in the behavior of all employees?
  2. Does your senior executive team believe that superior talent provides a vital competitive advantage?
  3. Does each employee understand how their individual role and performance contribute to achieving the organization’s mission?
  4. Is your talent/workforce strategy aligned and integrated with your business strategy?
  5. Do you have an established on-boarding process to ensure new hires and transfers have the tools and information necessary to be productive and effective?
  6. Are you developing your next generation of leaders based on a targeted succession plan?
  7. Have you identified the roles and capabilities that are absolutely essential for success in the next 5 years?
  8. Are you using best practices to groom and retain high potential employees – your company’s most valuable assets?
  9. Are you integrating your talent management practices? For example, are you rewarding employees based on performance and behaviors as well as achievement of development milestones?
  10. Do you gather and analyze data to measure employee engagement and /or opinions, take actions and resolve issues?
  11. Do you evaluate metrics to gauge effectiveness of your talent management practices?
  12. Are your management practices consistent across regions and/or divisions?
  13. Do you have a knowledge management process in place so when employees retire or resign you are able to retain critical company intelligence?
  14. Are your managers prepared to deal with generational differences in their work teams?
  15. Are you actively working to develop and sustain a culture of diversity and inclusion?
  16. Are you utilizing a framework to align human capital investments with business results?

The Human Element will help your organization close gaps such as these and other related needs, as identified. We will partner with you on your most critical organizational challenges; anything from creating a performance driven culture to developing your future leaders. We will integrate our solutions with your organization’s practices to ensure the greatest impact to your bottom line.